1. What is MageFuji?

MageFuji is the only one opportunity of hackathon event that is related to Magento.

2. Where is the location?

Yamanashi Prefecture. You can get there by train or bus. There is no airport around Yamanashi Prefecture.

3. What is included in the fee?

These fees are included:

  • Hotel reservation
  • All foods and drinks
  • Hackathon and seminar fees

4. How can I get my ticket?

Click “Pay with Card” button and purchase your ticket via Stripe.

5. Can you give me an invoice?

Of course, please tell us your name or your company name.

6. How about Japan’s weather during summer?

Summer in Japan is hot and humid. It can get to mid 30°C in late July and early August. As it is rainy season at the start of the summer, rain falls and humid days are to be expected.

However, the weather on the mountains are more comfortable and this is the best time to climb Mt. Fuji. Weather can also be unstable at the mountain, it can be sunny or rainy, so it is better to be prepared. Also, temperature at the summit is between 5°C and 8°C, even in midsummer.

Diligently check the weather forecast, as the weather can change unexpectedly.

7. How to get there?

We will be leaving in Tokyo Station by bus at around 12:20PM or earlier, depending on your arrival in Tokyo. Please contact us ahead of time regarding your schedule so we can make the necessary adjustments.

8. What are the recommended equipment for climbing Mt. Fuji?

Due to the mountain’s unpredictable weather condition, preparation is a must. Below are the necessary equipment for climbing Mt. Fuji:

Clothes Warm-layered clothing: sweater, down jacket, windbreaker
Underwear Wick dry undershirt/underwear
Shoes Trekking shoes/boots
Light Flashlight or headlamp
Rain gear Water proof jacket and trouser
Snacks High-energy and easy to bring snacks, and carbohydrates
Water 2 liters of water is recommended (Water is available for purchase at the mountain, but gets pricey as the altitude gets higher)
Trash Bags Plastic bags for your trash (Trash cans are not available on Mt. Fuji)
Cash Plenty of ¥100 coins (Credit card is usually not accepted at the mountain)
Others Map, sunglasses, hat/cap, gloves, camera, sunscreen, lip balm, hand towels, toiletries, small first-aid kit, hiking stick, and aspirin (for altitude sickness)

9. Safety and emergency provisions.

  • Trekking Mt. Fuji is not easy by any means. It is recommended that you train in advance.
  • There is a possibility of altitude sickness due to high altitude. As not to be short of breath, please climb slowly.
  • Please call 110 (police) or 119 (fire/ambulance), in case you cannot move due to an injury or disaster.